How to | Organize Cricut Craft Supplies

A cluttered space is a stressful space especially when it comes to the craft room. When there isn’t an organizational system in place it can be frustrating and take up valuable crafting time. It may even cause you to double buy since you cannot find it, thus it is costing you money as well to have a cluttered craft area. For those who are lucky enough to have an entire craft room,  it may be easier to keep clean or easier to gravitate towards a massive collection. Whether your space is big or small these tips can be utilized. 

My personal craft space is pretty small, however, I have become quite the collector, some negative Nancys may refer to it as hoarding though. Rude. If it is on sale I have a hard time saying no… you’ll know this if you watched my Cricut shop unboxing haul. If you haven’t seen it, check that out after these tips. Now I will never say snagging a good deal is bad, however, make sure it is an item you will be utilizing in the future. If you cannot think of at least one or two project ideas for it then it probably isn’t worth it. Never purchase anything you “might” use, always make sure it is generally something you would have been interested in prior to seeing it on sale. The sticker may look pretty but it needs to be more than that. 

Stepping back on track, no matter if you are a splurge or a careful collector, maddiethese tips are sure to help you keep your space easy to navigate thus saving you time and money. Below I have written out all the tips for those who prefer a note style rather than pausing the video to take notes themselves. I do, however, recommend viewing the video itself too for a visual as well as the fact that you’ll basically get an added bonus of a glimpse at my stash.  


  • Place all, yes ALL of your materials in one pile.
  • Find a tote for small spaces. If you have a larger space like a desk you may have more room to separate and organize all your items.
  • Group items by type: Infusible Ink Shirts, Permanent Vinyl, Iron on Vinyl, Cardstock, etc.
  • Unwrap Value Packs. 
  • File infusible ink shirts by size.
  • Band all duplicates together.
  • Band any open rolls to keep them together.
  • Scrap the Scrap bins.
  • Band all scraps to their parent roll.
  • Scraps without parent rolls can be band to similar types of products. For instance, band iron on scraps to iron on rolls and so on.
  • Toss any tiny scraps that are basically useless. Sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth to save. 

Let me know if you have any other tips to organize your craft area.

XOXO Faith

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