Infusible Ink | Birthday Rex Project

While this is not a tutorial or an in depth update on my life I wanted to document this birthday project in a short clip. Although this is not the first time I’ve used Infusible Ink it was merely the second and first time ever coloring it in. My first experience was purely an outline design. 

Let’s first discuss the most important aspect of Infusible Ink, the shirt. It is recommended that you use a Cricut Infusible Ink shirt as it is a high polyester content that causes the ink to fuse to the shirt. That being said the sizing of the shirts is very off. I usually wear a small/medium but for these shirts I wear a large/ extra large. Definitely size up once for mens and twice for women unless you want it to suffocate your arms and show every single curve. I definitely prefer the baseball tees, however, it is summer so it is not exactly ideal. 

The aesthetic of Infusible Ink is a more juvenile feel as it will show every stroke, a way around this is to use the Infusible Ink sheets. I do feel as if the strokes make this type of shirt more pleasing as it is a fun design. It does take awhile depending on design of course as it is an active coloring page. This makes it a good project for kids as well if you want to capture their artistic flares. Will I be using them in future projects, yes I thought it was rather a satisfying process.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please let me know.



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