Social Media Tip

Life after college lately has consisted of working ten to twelve hour days for six to seven days a week. It has been nuts and I will admit I’ve let my health overall slip. Every day is basically eat, work, sleep, repeat. One thing that has kept me sane during this busy season are my favorite social influencers on instagram. Yes, I know it is bad to be on your phone while eating but that’s a whole other subject.

The Truth Behind Sizing

Ever wonder why you are never the same size across all clothing brands? Possibly freaked out after you assumed you gained weight when you were a size two last trip but a size six this time. It’s a mental battle, which is exactly why brands do it. Officially titled vanity sizing by the industry, to conger up insecurities to increase buying power by women who are pleasantly pleased to find out they are a size XXS (extra, extra skinny).