Keep Thread from Unraveling | Embroidery Tips

Pulling out a spool of embroidery thread that is not sufficiently stored can create a jumbled up mess. Although there are spools with locking bases most variety packs do not come with them. Specifically with this variety pack I did not want to invest in the larger spools (the ones that lock) as I did not know what colors I would be using the most. Thus, having a locking base is a luxury.

A few alternatives that are well known are thread nets and spool huggers. The variety pack I have came with a couple of thread nets but they were too big or perhaps too complicated for me to figure out. I have not tried spool huggers but I did not fancy the idea of making the spool bulkier. A thicker spool means that the pack of spools will no longer fit in the original box. If you have a craft room where you can have your thread displayed on a peg board this could be a great option.

The tape method is cost effective but did not work for me (as shown in the video). It kept threads organized for a little bit but after the next project the tape becomes less sticky and needs to be replaced. After getting fed up with constantly having to untangle my thread I cut the bottom of the spool making a slit for the end of the thread to be wedged in-between. This worked out the best for me and since I already had the scissors it cost me nothing. You will need sharp scissors otherwise it will take some time sawing away at the plastic base with standard craft scissors. These scissors by Westcott are linked below and are relatively inexpensive yet very strong. No more icky loose thread ends clinging to other spools of thread when they are pulled out. Let me know if you try out this hack below. 

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Organize with me

Organizing is one of my favorite things which may seem weird but it’s true. Every time I saw an acrylic case I always thought it was too expensive or too impractical until now. Let me explain the impractical side first; when it comes to acrylic it can easily scratch and always needs to be tidy if it is clear. Perhaps not always but for myself it honestly needs to have a system rather than just throwing items into drawers as it becomes a decor piece for the room it sits in. Once I was fed up with the way I was storing my items I decided it was time to try out the acrylic case, use up more vertical space and stop with the endless display of bags and boxes.

How to | Organize Cricut Craft Supplies

A cluttered space is a stressful space especially when it comes to the craft room. When there isn’t an organizational system in place it can be frustrating and take up valuable crafting time. It may even cause you to double buy since you cannot find it, thus it is costing you money as well to have a cluttered craft area. For those who are lucky enough to have an entire craft room,  it may be easier to keep clean or easier to gravitate towards a massive collection. Whether your space is big or small these tips can be utilized. 

Eliminate Stress | Rule of 5

The last couple of weeks I have been allowing my stress to consume me. While I should have pumped the brakes sooner, I am now integrating two strategies into my daily routine. Instead of fixating on multiple stressors for hours at a time this new way of thinking implements a set block of time. Thus, pulling the negative toxic energy away from the task.

Stationery Haul: Back to School

While I am not a summer person, the best part of this time of year is back to school season. I love stationery, organizing and planing. This is the one time a year where supplies are at their lowest price with all the crazy back to school sales. Not to mention it is when supplies get a facelift from the usual dull office supplies section. Why is that?

D.I.Y. Doodle Folder

Before each semester starts, I nerd out on school supplies to see if anything is “needed”. One of my favorite times of the year is honestly back to school shopping. The spring semester for college is not as exciting as there are no hyped up deals or ads. However, I do still enjoy going through all my supplies and organize what I may need based on each course.