Cricut First Impressions| Week 1

During the holidays, I received a Cricut Explore Air 2, which still seems surreal. As a craft lover I thought it would be the perfect addition to bring me to the next level of crafting in 2020. Before I even knew I had one, I would watch endless playlists of Cricut tutorials, Cricut tips, and all of those time trap ones that keep you hooked, thinking the entire time how did they do that. Plus, they all make it look so easy so of course naturally I thought once I get mine it’ll be just as simple.

So… I wanted to share with you all what it is really like when you use a Cricut with only one week of experience. Is it really as easy as people make it out to be or is it more equated to those step drawing pictures that go from one line to two lines then all of sudden there is an entire portrait. Often times things do not get shared unless they are mastered and I was curious to know if this was one of those things, glamorized by social media.

The Unboxing

That first peek of the machine is so exciting, seriously, it is a beautiful machine. Plus, it was exciting to see what bits and things were actually in the box. Once I opened it up naturally I had to try out the sample project. The entire process was honestly a bit intimidating as everything is new, and the fact that the Cricut is pretty pricy made me a bit nervous as I did not want to screw it up. I’ll be frank, the first time was extremely frustrating, before even turning the thing on thoughts starting rushing in questioning what in the world have I got myself into. Let’s just say it was not as easy as 1,2,3 press go to set it up. Simply putting in the pen was a panic as it requires a lot of pressure and then a loud clicking sound is made. I thought I broke it in the first five minutes! Ha.

First Project High

After the first project was finished I felt excited as it makes you feel accomplished something but it didn’t take long for that to subside. Cricut sets up everything for the first project to make it in a way fool proof. Once you actually start creating in Design Space it is a learning curve. I went from ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, to this is IMPOSSIBLE, within a few days. Learning anything new is a challenge but this machine has felt more like a roller coaster. It did not take long for me to realize that I wanted to contribute to the Cricut youtube community by making videos of my actual experiences rather than uploading only project perfections. Click below to watch the first video in my upcoming Cricut series, this is all about my first impression using the machine for one week.

Coming soon… Beginner Tips & Tricks| Cricut

XOXO Faith

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