How to: Edit Instagram Photos

Part two of my behind the scenes Saturday mini series continues with what apps I use to edit my photos. I use all of these apps to edit not only my Instagram photos but also my blog photos. If you are just starting out with editing photos on Instagram these tips will help you create cleaner, brighter and more cohesive images for your specific theme. Yes, I cover all the types of images from model photos to flat lays.

Secret Santa Questionnaire | Free Printable

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I know some people cringe to endure anything Christmas related prior to the day after Thanksgiving but hear me out. All your family and loved ones will be gathered together around the table spreading thankful thoughts. Why not show people how grateful you are for them by putting together a secret Santa questionnaire. This will make things easier for others and yourself since people will not be back together until Christmas.

Fall Bucket List for Fashionistas

Food & Outdoors

  • Pick Apples
  • Bake Pumpkin Seeds:
    • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe
  • Bike Ride Coffee Date
  • Walk Among the Leaves
    • Bring a camera to take pictures of the leaves change. Ask your best friend to go on a walk talk.
  • Fall Treat Baking Contest
    • Make it interesting by giving your friends or family a set of guidelines. For instance the treat must include either pumpkin or apples. Also make sure to add that it not be store bought as that ruins the fun.  Everyone gets to vote for their favorite but may not choose themselves. Winner receives a ribbon or prize of your choosing.