Disney Lookbook | Fan Girl

It is no secret that I love the famous ninety year old mouse named Mickey. Since I have added a couple new Disney pieces to my wardrobe I thought why not do a Disney inspired lookbook. This post is not sponsored in any way, however, it is a dream of mine to one day partner with Disney style or Shop Disney.



Ralph Breaks the Internet | Halloween Costumes

Since the first trailer came out for Ralph Breaks the Internet, I have been hooked and rather excited for it to come out in theaters. I’ve seen the trailer where Ralph feeds the bunny too many pancakes so many times! Comment down below if you laugh every time too. If you have not seen it yet here it is, you’re welcome.

Getting into Character

The wait is finally over, the second Incredibles movie is out! Lets be honest, the second movie for most shows never feels as good as the first. However, I would disagree when it comes to Incredibles 2. My favorite character in both pictures has to be Edna, she’s hilarious. Her style, spunk and overall character is amazing.