Vehicle Upkeep | How to Take Care of Your Car

Since summer is almost here which means road trips and vacations it is time to start taking care of your car. Since meeting my boyfriend my car knowledge has grown to the point where I am amazed that others do not know the basics for keeping their car healthy. It was not too long ago that I too would wait for my car to scream for help before taking action. For this post I interviewed my boyfriend since working on cars is his favorite thing to do. By keeping up with the basics cars are more likely to be dependable as well as run more efficiently.

Lavender Festival

The California heat is definitely here! To start off the summer I headed to a festival with a couple of people. It was a first time experience, the Lavender Festival is something I would consider exploring for a second time, perhaps if the weather is not in the triple digits. Vendors offered all natural and homemade products and plants. Animals ranging from bees to sheep were there for viewing as well as to promote local business. Delicious bites were plentiful to snack on and keep cool.