Custom Couples Shirts | Cricut DIY

Hopefully you all are off to a grand start for the NEW YEAR! For my first post in 2022, I am highlighting a project I did in 2021 because it seemed odd to post in the middle of the holiday season. Normally I would cascade over the fact that it was an earlier project however, it does have the year encompassed in it so there is no escaping it. This was one of those oh… it’ll be easy projects that turned into a bit of a headache.

While I won’t be getting into the details of what exact bumps I hit during this project today don’t worry, I will be highlighting them next week. Yes, I could just say it was an amazing time with my Cricut but the reality is most people do have bumps with projects and it can either help others or simply be relatable content that makes people feel like less of a failure. Below is a short of me creating my first ever custom designed couples shirts for a friend of mine who just got hitched. 

Hope you all enjoy, 

XOXO Faith

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