My First Time: Appliqué Edition Brother PE550d

Back with another requested video on how to create an appliqué on the Brother PE550d machine. For this tutorial I did not practice or do a prior attempt, this is in fact footage of my first time trying to create an appliqué. The hardest part of creating an appliqué in my opinion is finding a file with the correct format. In order to create a “proper” appliqué the file needs to have three layers.

First is a tracing layer to give you a general idea on where to place the fabric you want to use for the appliqué. Second is what is referred to as a tack down stitch to keep the fabric from puckering and moving when it stitches the satin stitch which is commonly used for appliqués to cover the raw edges making it look pretty. Overall I recommend testing out any new file on a scrap piece of fabric before embroidering it on an item. Watch the tutorial below to see what I learned from creating my first appliqué.

XOXO Faith

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