Cricut Material & Tech | Unboxing

After weeks of debate I have decided to share my Cricut unboxing with you all. Why did it take so long to decide? Well to be I forgot my camera when I went to film at my moms house, where the package was delivered, and I am not very pleased with the quality. That being said the content is fun for a short video, it is mostly the fish lens from improvising with a GoPro that bugs me so I hope you enjoy it anyway. Plus, there are a few things I wanted to say about my experience purchasing from too.

First and foremost I must get it off my chest that I would be rich if I had just a dollar from every time I’ve heard someone call the Cricut a cry cut machine. It is rather cringy, the mascot is an actual cricket too so why is it so difficult for some people? The vast majority of companies usually have horrible deals in house but rather great deals from their outside partners. For instance if you want something from Uggs you will probably find it cheaper at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. When it comes to Cricut however, they give pretty good in house deals and smoking clearance deals. I did some research today, 09/04/20, and it is still significantly cheaper to buy most items from Cricut compared to local craft stores.

There are two downsides to purchasing from itself. The first is shipping and handling, however, if you are stocking up it will more than pay for itself in savings. Next is the timeline, when stocking up you are planning for future projects which in that case it is not an issue to wait two to four weeks, just keep in mind it pays to plan. Currently the shipping time for most businesses is longer due to the pandemic and Cricut is no exception the most unsetting thing about this whole experience was contacting customer service and waiting… FOREVER … on hold to be told that they simply did not know where my package was nor when it would be arriving. Not the best feeling but hey I would 100% purchase from Cricut itself in the future simply for the amazing deals. If you have not checked out their clearance section you are missing out my friends. Check out the unboxing below and see what all I picked out.

XOXO Faith

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