Last day of University

This weeks has been hectic as most finals weeks are. Although, this is my very last day of the semester, it feels surreal. No more tests, quizzes or group project slackers. It’s crazy to think that it’s over.

Today I woke up scrambling looking around for shoes, bows and such, of course running late as it was an 8:00 AM final on campus. The plan was to take my exam, meet up with people for graduation photos on campus, and then take yet another exam at the minimum. Yes, I was on time for my 8:00 AM ballet practical, which was a bit saddening. Steps were out of time still, I’m by far not the next Misty Copeland, however, I do enjoy it.

Upon existing my car, thunder started on May 16th, once again that unpredictable California weather. Last week it was peeking into the nineties and the one day I plan to take photos it pours.  Trying to be positive I told myself it would pass, little did I know it sure would, of course at the exact time that we had to leave due to other commitments. We did take photos in the rain, hair frizzing and all. So, the outside graduation photoshoot will have to wait for another day.

A sunny ride home, relaxed lunch and the last exam. Pressing the submit button on that last exam felt unreal. It was as if it was a dream, scary, exciting, and a bit uneasy for the future. After a much needed nap, I am here typing away this blog post awaiting the arrival of a friend to get off of work.

Next is the ceremony, as you may have guessed this week is a bit overwhelming. I will be doing another blog post about my celebration after words with grad photos, as well to help you guys get to know me better. Much more fashion and lifestyles posts are to come too.

Is there anything you want to know about my college experience or in general?

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