5 Life Lessons from 5 Years

AHHHHH!! Finally, I am officially a graduate! The journey to my bachelor’s has been a rocky five years. No, I did not take a semester off but rather was screwed by the counselors, again and again. This weekend has been filled with stress, anxiety, and joy in preparation and celebration of my class’es accomplishments. I’ll admit I almost walked out of my own graduation as it was extremely difficult for me to get through with my anxiety, the thousands of people and tight spaces. It is hard for me to be proud of myself,  but for once I feel as if I truly am as I graduated summa cum laude, with highest honors.

Personal Drive

People are either procrastinators or not, there is not really a middle ground. I prefer to get things done early and plan everything out before starting compared to the other side. Details are everything.

I prefer to work alone

Working in groups is always a dread for me especially at university. Prior to transferring, I believed everyone would be passionate about our projects as they had to do with our dream careers. However, it could not be further from the truth. People still do not care to show excellence but rather give the bare minimal, it was shocking. How can you not care about something that is preparing us for what we chose to do for the rest of our lives, it’s crazy.

Mindless Activities

It is just as important to have a mindless activity as it is to brush your hair. College is stressful so having an app or whatever you enjoy to take you away from your stress is crucial to have anywhere. I play Clash Royal and Disney Crossy Roads. Crossy Roads I only played at school when I felt myself getting overwhelmed. For all my protectionists out there I know how hard this can be, but just give it a try. I’m not saying to spend an hour playing, only a few minutes to breathe.

Drinking & University

The drinking scene is what you make it. People heavily emphasis drinking when discussing college, however, it all depends on the person. You pick your friends in college and your own boundaries. I’ve never had an issue with peer pressure when it comes to alcohol, drugs or things that I am not comfortable with but, I have seen many people stumble with it. It is okay to say no but thanks for asking. I am pretty firm when it comes to alcohol for personal reasons. I’m not saying it is bad to drink but rather it has a fine line before it becomes dangerous for many. Although, I do not participate in drinking, I still hang out with people who do. Choose your friends wisely, they won’t push you to do things you are not comfortable with. I’ve talked about finding activities before to do with people who drink when you do not want to. Also, remember conversation is good, sit at the bar, grab a soda, water or whatever and communicate with people.


Everyday for the past two years I have been commuting to school with traffic and it took a little over an hour. I know now that I do not want to commute for my job. Not sure if anyone really “enjoys” commuting and would prefer not to commute but for me I hope this will be a nonnegotiable in the future.


Graduation Red Carpet!

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