College Schedule Guide

Prior to the release of spring semester’s stress, fall semester creeps out from around the corner to commit to which halls you will walk in. Don’t stress out or blow off prep to creating next semester’s class schedule.

Where to start

Courses that are only offered once a year should get the first look. These often get people into trouble because if they are forgotten they can delay graduation. This dictates the minimal amount of days that you will have to go to school so be thorough. All of these classes for me only had one professor, but if your college provides more than one I will discuss what to do further down in this post.

Next Stop – Prerequisites

These classes are required in order to progress to others. These may seem basic but are important as they often lead to classes that are only held once a year so check them off ASAP.

Choose You

College is stressful and draining to say the least. Take the time to choose a class that fits around your schedule that is “fun”. This could be anything; ballet, judo, tennis, walking, drawing, painting, etc. Anything that gives you credit while taking away some stress.

Filler Required Courses

As the title states, some required classes are held year around so pick some of those to fulfill the rest of your units.

How to Pick the Right Professor

Sometimes there are multiple times and professors that teach the same course. Do not pick randomly, use your resources! Seek advice from peers. If no peers have taken that course, seek advice from the ratemyprofessor website. This will determine if the course is group based, homework load, how many essays, tests quizzes, presentations and so on. Not everyone learns the same way so pick which best suits your needs.

Comment down below if these tips helped you (:


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