Things I wish I knew before college…

College Language: Upper vs lower division courses

During my university transfer orientation, each of us sat with an instructor from our program. I was proud and prepared with a list of all the courses I took only to find out that some of them did not count. Yes, I had a couple of counselors that did not know that these courses would not count either, both courses had the same name. I went into those courses with the belief that they would be more in-depth, however, the opposite was true. I loved my professor for the courses at both colleges but I do believe the junior college beat them hands down. I believe the only fashion course that transferred for me was textiles. *Be aware that if the course if above 100 it will not transfer over. Under 100 can be completed at a junior college if they offer the course. A junior college only teaches lower division courses even if the course number says for example 300; they do not qualify.

Graduation requirements: Not Universal

Each college has a different set of requirements, it’s frustrating but true. One college may require chemistry and another may not for the same degree. I took a three unit science class to fulfill the one unit I needed to transfer and complete my AA at JC, not knowing when I got to university I would need literally one unit more to fulfill the science requirement for graduation at their school. To make matters worse, I turned down the extra one unit lab that was available for the two-unit course I took because I didn’t think I needed it. *Research all graduation requirements for non-major courses.

Fashion Courses: Know what type of career you want in fashion.

My dream was and still is to have my own clothing line. While the program I am currently in is good, it does lack some things I thought I would learn. Things such as pattern making, entrepreneurship for fashion, computer programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD) are taught at the J.C. but not at my university. *Research program courses prior.

Extra Units.

It’s obnoxious, especially when there are some better JC course options than university options. There is a transfer limit for units too. University requires a set number of upper division units and the rest can be lower division units. This is the reason I am taking ballet and judo this semester. Search out what other things interest you that the university offers. *Try filling these units with things you wish your program offered for the upper division units and relaxing activities for the lower units.


Leave me a comment, what do you want to know about university. (:

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