First Day of College Tips

Every semester I think it’s going to get easier but the first day jitters always get me. Over the years I have realized that there are a few things that help make the first day a little easier.

First Day Tips:

  1. Print out course schedule and attach it to planner/ folder.


  1. Print out a map this comes in handy to figure out where different buildings are. As a senior, I still use mine to help give directions and for myself as there are parts of campus I do not normally visit.


  1. Check the website for syllabus a couple days before.


  1. Bring timewasters for before and in-between classes. Coloring book, Cross word puzzles, electronic games, I-pad, etc. Headphones are a good way to destress as well if you are an anxious person or an introvert and the first day gets overwhelming.


  1. Buy a parking permit ahead of time to avoid the line.


  1. Leave Early. As a commuter, I try to leave early every day in case there is an accident, however, on the first couple of days I give myself even more time. The first month or so parking is absolutely ridiculous. People are still trying to get into classes that they will later not get in or they will drop classes. I swear people forget how to drive during the beginning and end of the semester. On my campus, the police direct traffic in the mornings which makes everything backed up as well. Plan on leaving earlier than you need to so you can secure a parking spot. People are known to be an hour late searching for a spot to park because they did not prepare for the craziness. Think Disneyland on New Year’s Eve.


  1. Converse with your desk neighbor before class. We have both shared and non- shared desks at our university depending on the class. The key is to talk with someone, some key topics are… name, major, class year, etc. At the end of the class or week the goal is to ask for someone’s phone number. This will come in handy later if you miss a class or need help on an assignment later on.


  1. Snacks/ Lunch. During the first couple of weeks people are still figuring out their schedule so lines are extremely long. I’ve heard people say they were not able to get to the front before the next class. Avoid the craziness and bring a lunch or some snacks.



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