Blueland Review

Earth friendly products have been in the forefront of the media for a majority of this year and lately Blueland has been buzzing. Blueland is a company that prides themselves on creating a product that is sustainable inside and out down to the packaging. It is all about reducing plastic and recycling cleaning supply containers. The formula itself gloats on its ability to be not only eco friendly but also pet friendly, pregnancy friendly, and kid friendly. A concept of a tablet to eliminate dumping bottle after bottle into the landfill is a relatively new one yet is it worth it to make the switch?

Date Night Lookbook | Salsa Dancing

Last weekend was packed with fun events, perhaps the most fun was the group date night I attended at a local family pub so to speak. This little lookbook includes not only what I wore to the event but also another look that was inspired by the event. Valentine’s Day is also right around the corner so hopefully these looks inspire you.