Cricut Stickers | Tutorial & Tips

Before I even received a Cricut machine all I wanted to do was create pretty, unique stickers for my planner. People who say they are too old for stickers I will never quite understand. Anyway, everyone made it look so easy on their tutorials so I thought it would be just as smooth for me. I watched multiple tutorials and thought I was overly prepared to say the least. After spending weeks creating designs for my first stickers the machine showed me who was really in charge. So, you want to make stickers?

Date Night Lookbook | Salsa Dancing

Last weekend was packed with fun events, perhaps the most fun was the group date night I attended at a local family pub so to speak. This little lookbook includes not only what I wore to the event but also another look that was inspired by the event. Valentine’s Day is also right around the corner so hopefully these looks inspire you.