Water Soluble  Embroidery | No Fabric Needed

When it comes to embroidery it is assumed that fabric is involved. The mere definition of embroidery is to embellish a cloth. While it may seem possible when thinking in the scope of patch projects they too are usually created on a fabric base. Upon starting my journey with the Brother PE550d machine I noticed that a couple ofthe designs in the guides contained designs that were as “free” designs. In other words the base is water soluble and thus will disappear after it is created.  

Most water soluble stabilizers are used to stabilize fluffy fabrics so learning that the product can be used on its own is a rather weird concept to grasp. Although I have had my embroidery machine for a few years now I am still learning / trying new things all the time. This is my first “free” of fabric projects which means the expectations were extremely low. It is in a way a 3D printed thread project that uses an embroidery machine instead of a 3D printer. Watch the video below to see if my first time trying a water soluble stabilizer only design worked or what went wrong. 

Have you tried a “fabric free” embroidery project? 

XOXO Faith

Fix Bobbin Errors on Brother PE550d

Throughout my embroidery journey there has been many struggles, some I have shared others I have not, simply due to if I have found a solution or not. No, this is not a post ranting about the machine however, I must state that the customer service for Brother has not made a good impression thus far. When I first started having issues with my bobbin thread showing up on the top side I read the manual for quick fixes and then reached out to their service department with a photo and description of the issue. All I was given was links to their FAQ section. After three attempts to get a real solution I was then directed to find a service department to take the machine in to be properly looked at. FRUSTRATING. 

Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine Tutorial

Interested or recently purchased the Brother PE550D embroidery machine? After purchasing the machine I did as most people do, went to Youtube to teach myself the basics. While yes, there were a few videos available they lacked the teaching aspect; it was more of watch me embroider this item kind of “tutorials”. I crave the basics whenever I try anything new which includes how to thread the machine and most importantly what the heck all the buttons do. Although anyone can read the instruction Manuel to gain this information some people like myself prefer to see it in action as well for a quick reference or simply for a visual. Also let’s be honest, not everyone reads the instruction booklets. 

Unboxing Brother PE550D + New Brothread

This one has been a long time coming and I could not be more excited to share this new journey with you all. Branching into a new form of art is always a learning curve so it is expected that it will come with mass frustrations alongside joy. First I want to address the mass inflation that has been happening in the crafting world, since people are still jumping onto the hands on art of creating, companies are fluctuating prices so make sure to do some research if you too are looking to start a new craft.