Unboxing Brother PE550D + New Brothread

This one has been a long time coming and I could not be more excited to share this new journey with you all. Branching into a new form of art is always a learning curve so it is expected that it will come with mass frustrations alongside joy. First I want to address the mass inflation that has been happening in the crafting world, since people are still jumping onto the hands on art of creating, companies are fluctuating prices so make sure to do some research if you too are looking to start a new craft.

Personally, I watched this machine practically double in price within days, to make things worse this machine is quite old. However, for people that just received their stimulus check they may have looked for a machine without any knowledge and just purchased it thinking it was the average price. Always take the time to research for at least a week or two when making a larger purchase.

The machine that I picked up was the Brother PE550D which is a popular machine for two reasons, affordability and the name Disney. Simply put, it comes with 45 built in Disney designs which on their own would be around $6 a piece to purchase. That being said, some of the designs are exclusive to the machine itself too. So about $270 worth of just embroidery files were included which sold me on this machine as similar ones were the same price with only basic files included. While researching into the embroidery field I stumbled upon this company called New Brothread too for embroidery thread and the price was well, almost too good to be true so I had to try it out as well. Watch the unboxing for my first impressions on both items/ companies and don’t forget to subscribe to see their reviews coming soon.

XOXO Faith

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