Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine Tutorial

Interested or recently purchased the Brother PE550D embroidery machine? After purchasing the machine I did as most people do, went to Youtube to teach myself the basics. While yes, there were a few videos available they lacked the teaching aspect; it was more of watch me embroider this item kind of “tutorials”. I crave the basics whenever I try anything new which includes how to thread the machine and most importantly what the heck all the buttons do. Although anyone can read the instruction Manuel to gain this information some people like myself prefer to see it in action as well for a quick reference or simply for a visual. Also let’s be honest, not everyone reads the instruction booklets. 

One thing I did really enjoy is the fact that Brother includes a book with every single design that comes downloaded onto the machine making it easy to see what colors you need as well as easing the picking process for what design to make. Watch the tutorial below to see how to thread the machine with the self threader, no licking the thread to try to maneuver it through the needle on this guy. Another cool function is the outline feature, this is where the machine will show the perimeter of the design. This is beneficial to see if the design is straight as well as if it will overlap any other designs etc. Let me know in the comments what else you want to learn/ see me do with this machine.

What you’ll learn from the tutorial… how to thread the machine, choose a design, hoop a onesie, attach the hoop, change the density, change the tension, rotate designs, the cut thread button, and how to raise/lower the needle.

XOXO Faith

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