Engraving VS Debossing on Faux Suede

Little kids are engraved to challenge the word no, often it is for their own safety but when you get older it is often the best discoveries that come from pushing the boundaries. For instance, crafting, some of the best projects are made when you “break the rules” so of course today we are going to do just that. After purchasing some faux suede I realized that it really is only compatible with simple cut projects but I had other hopes so instead of throwing it to the back of the closet for a someday project I decided to ignore the recommendations and try it anyway. 

Cricut has so many different blades now so… why not push the envelope a little? Engraving and debossing have always been fascinating to me so I was curious which would be better with faux suede. Little did I know they were both deemed incompatible. So… I decided to do it anyway and create a keychain for my fiancee to test out. Should engraving and debossing on faux suede really be off limits? Click below to see the results.

Let me know what craft “rules” you have broken, in the comments.

XOXO Faith

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