Pour the Tea | Tea Party Taste Test

While this is far different from any content I have done, I wanted to document this occasion and share with you all my first official tea party. As part of a fund raiser a group was throwing a COVID tea party. Usually they would do it in person, however due to regulations in our area it was not possible. Although we had not participated in the past we thought it would be fun thing to try. For the past two years a lot has changed so it was fun to try something new and break out our mom’s fancy tea set for the first time. As you can imagine the set was coated with dust. After we washed up two dish settings we decided to take out a three tier dessert tower and really make the experience special. 

If you want to throw your own tea party it is relatively simple, all you need is a table cloth, some “fancy” dishes, and little things to make it more fun such as the dessert tower or flowers. For the tiny foods you can bake them yourself or go to your local store, grab some sandwiches, desserts and more and cut them into small portions. For larger gatherings ask each person to make one thing. Really be creative, it is a great way to catch up at a change of pace other than watching a movie together. Honestly it was the first time we had tried most of these different types of foods so it was pretty fun. Have you had a tea party before? 

Watch the Tea Party Taste Test Below

XOXO Faith

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