Getting into Character

The wait is finally over, the second Incredibles movie is out! Lets be honest, the second movie for most shows never feels as good as the first. However, I would disagree when it comes to Incredibles 2. My favorite character in both pictures has to be Edna, she’s hilarious. Her style, spunk and overall character is amazing.

Wearable Coachella Inspired Outfits

While I am not attending the festival, Coachella, it is an inspiring time of the year for fashion. Here are some outfits on my wishlist to feel alongside the festival spirt, that are more wearable. The signature Coachella outfits are always creative and rather exposed. Yes, it will make people turn heads on the street but not necessarily in a good way.  Comment down below what your favorite outfit or piece was.

Adventure with Ease

This is one of my favorite apps that I use multiple times in the week. It is essential to finding my car at the large unmarked university parking lots or even finding my way back to a certain spot. The app pinpoints your location and saves it by pressing the pin button. On your way back simply hit the arrow and it will route back to the pin. Overall it takes the stress away from remembering exactly what turns I took in order to find my way back or how far away I really parked the car.