Bearly Art Precision Glue  VS  Advanced Scotch Tape Gun 

 For this face-off I am comparing the Bearly Art precision glue and the Scotch advanced tape gun for card making. Yes, these products can be used for various projects but they are both heavily marketed for paper crafts. While I have done videos in the past on the advanced tape gun and raved about it, it does have some drawbacks too. This trial was the second time using the Bearly Art precision glue, the first time was an emergency puzzle patch which worked well. There is nothing worse than pulling out puzzle pieces and the piece splits between the top and bottom layer.  

Anyway, let’s discuss what makes a good paper crafting adhesive rather than just voting if each product is sufficient or not. The goal is for two pieces to stick together, but honestly the expectations are way higher. Next on the importance scale is to have a product that does not seep through the layers. No gross residue that is sticky or shiny when it seeps over the side. Then there is the “drys clear” glue that drys clear but you can literally still see it. If there is a mistake can it be removed or will the project have to be restarted? Odor is a big concern as well because if it smells after it is applied then it is a major drawback.  Lastly, does it cover intricate areas? View the pros and cons list below to see which will work best for your paper crafting needs.

Scotch Advanced Tape Gun

-One Application Size (hard to get in small areas)

+No odor

+Easy to Remove

+No Clean Up

Bearly Art Precision Glue

+Multiple Tips for Various Application Needs

+No Odor

+No Shiny Residue

-Will Rip Layers if Removed

-Must Clean Up 

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