No Issue Custom Rubber Stamp Unboxing & Review

Graphic design has always had a spot in my heart which is why I have always wanted a custom made rubber stamp. Yes, you can print any graphic but there is something about a tangible stamp and ink pad that makes me feel official. It’s silly but this thing has been in my wish list for several occasions so I am happy to finally have one. For Christmas I received this one from my sister and at first I was honestly a bit disappointed because it is so small. Originally I had wanted the larger custom stamp but now that I have the mini I am pleasantly surprised at how useful it is. Although I do have the larger edition in the mail as well I am so excited to finally test out No Issues stamps.

Below is the unboxing in an asmr style and then after I discuss my full review. While I did give an impromptu review in the video I wanted to go a little more in depth here. First, the reason I chose No Issue was I had started following several small shops and noticed many of them use the brand for stamps. Most of the stamps from the small shops did seem a big basic in design though so I was hesitant if it would turn out well or be a flop. It turned out amazing! The details are so sharp which is surprising as the stamp is so small yet legible. One thing I was skeptical on was the additional handle: since it is rather tiny it seemed laughable. After using the stamp a couple of times though I have realized that the rod is an added luxury that allows a full view for placement, so there are no mishaps. On another note I am beyond grateful that the rod comes off for storing so that it is not difficult to organize. 

Although I really enjoy the stamp quality the ink pad is a different story. Yes, the ink quality itself seems superb to other ink brands but the packaging/ container of the ink itself was a big disappointment. The pad does not have any type of securing system the acrylic just sits on top of each other. This causes the container to flop open unless it is laying flat. A floppy container thus creates a high chance of the ink pad drying out. Over time I guess we will see if it causes a problem. As of now I can only speculate that it will only be a matter of time. With that said I have decided to keep the packaging so that the cardboard can create a more proper seal for the ink while being stored. If anyone knows why so many ink pad companies don’t more manufacture proper ink pad containers I would appreciate it. I do not understand why they are more so floppy and loose when others lock or click shut. As that is the only concern I have I am really happy with the product and company thus far and am looking forward to experimenting with various uses. 

XOXO Faith

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