My First Time | Minky Fabric

Texture is one of the first things that can make or break a design. The weight and stretch ability can create a comfy textile all while creating a sewing nightmare. It was not until recently when I sewed minky fabric for the first time that I realized we would have a love hate relationship. If you have ever touched pinky it is a luxurious plush with either a dot texture, a cute design or solid. Basically it is a cuddler’s dream and quite popular in the baby industry. 

So, why wait until now to try it? Well, there are two main reasons, one being it averages about twenty dollars per yard and the second is the horror stories. Whenever you are selling handmade goods you have to take into account if the materials are cost effective to present a price point that won’t leave customers running to someone else’s small shop or a larger retailer. The stretch, fluff, weight and everything in-between make it a challenge to create with in a timely manner without a major headache to keep lined up properly. Plus there is another issue with the ease to clean it, it is recommended that it is either hand washed or placed on a delicate cycle and dried on low heat. Kids are messy point blank so this is a big concern. Now let’s discuss the weight, it’s plush which makes it luxurious for the colder months but perhaps a flannel fabric is more practical for year around use and for traveling compact. There are a lot of things to consider and although I have pointed out many negative things about this textile it is very popular due to its lush nature. Watch below to see how my first time went working/ creating with Minky fabric. 

XOXO Faith

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