Kuru Footwear Review

When I was little during pool parties the other kids were always amazed that my foot prints were almost a perfect foot. They thought it was cool but I knew even then that it wasn’t something to be proud of but rather it meant issues to come. Fast forward to high school where I got knocked down by a swinging door in high heels which lead to my first foot surgery. Currently, I still have issues with my feet so one night I started doing research because to be honest, yes there are shoes out there to help your feet but the majority are hideous. As a young adult I feel that is a major problem with the footwear market since if they do not look cute they will not be worn until years down the line when severe damage is already done. 

That night of research I found Kuru footwear which I would have never tried had it not been for their amazing return policy and in depth descriptions. The site is set up to choose between several foot issues and then the site will recommend specific styles to best suit their specific needs. Plus there are styles that are actually in style, rather than rocking sexy orthotics. I purchased two pairs and decided to try them out for months before sharing my review with you guys. Style and an initial try on are not enough when it comes to footwear for foot issues. I also analyzed their comfort, wear, and how easy they were to keep clean. 

Let’s discuss comfort first, well to say the least they are unlike any sneaker I have worn thus far. Prior to purchasing Kuru’s I had always used an insert to aid my arch or lack there of, however, Kuru’s had an even better insert than I had. The insert comes up higher on the inside of the shoe to create an arch with cushion rather than hard plastic, creating a better walking experience altogether. After the first try on I was amazed at the comfort and stability it gave my feet. When it comes to wear I must say there was an issue with the Roam shoes that puzzled me in the first couple of weeks. This specific pair started to crack around the edge of the leather, I am not sure if it is from how I put the shoes on or what. Although I could have returned them for this as it was still in the first 45 days, I decided to keep them because it was on the inside of the shoe. There was also some threads that came apart on the Atom pair, however, I believe there were just extra threads as there is no missing areas on the shoes. A simple damp cloth or baby wipe is enough to keep these shoes looking brand new which I appreciate as well.

In the tutorial below I showcase all of the “issues” with the wear of the shoes, a try on view and show how I clean them. If you have any further questions about this review please feel free to reach out. This is not a sponsored post but I am happy to answer any questions I can. Also leave a comment or direct message if you have tried out Kuru footwear. 

XOXO Faith

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