Hold On Review | Plant Based Sustainable Compost Bags 

Currently we are in the era where more and more people are becoming sustainable conscious. From paper straws to plant based alternatives it can be hard to trust in alternatives to the traditional plastic products. Trash bags and sandwich bags are perhaps the most used plastic products in the average household. 

Although there are products that address this issue such as washable bin liners and fabric bags some (meaning me) cannot stomach the idea on washing my trash liner. This is where plant based bags come in to save the day as they are better for the environment than plastic, yet not revolting for the majority to adapt. A simple switch of bags is all it takes to make a difference. This year California has adapted new rules of no longer allowing residences to throw food scraps in the trash bin. Instead they are required to go in the grass compost bin pushing households to switch to more sustainable choices. The only thing that is left up to us is finding products that actually work well and don’t seep all over the house on the way to the bin.

The second plastic go to is the sandwich bag. Did you know it takes over 1,000 years to break down a plastic ziplock bag? Even after the 1,000 years it never truly breaks down either. Hold On’s plant based alternative breaks down in just a couple of weeks rather than years. Yes, there are other options that are “greener” such as fabric bags but often convenience wins over sustainability. A simple switch in brands is easier to convince someone to do than adding a load of reusable bags to the laundry. Plus, getting little ones to keep track of bags at school sounds like a nightmare. Not to mention the fact that the fabric bags often make food stale by lunchtime. Watch the video below to see if this brand of plant based bags works just as well as the plastic options on the market.

Products Used: 

 XOXO Faith