How to: Tag Crochet Items for Small Businesses

Selling handmade items can be extremely daunting especially when it comes to presenting your items to potential buyers. Making the items is the fun part which is why tagging if usually an afterthought. However, it is part of the item that is initially judged before a customer decides whether or not to purchase.  For you, it can make or break a sale. The appearance of a nice tag can create the feeling of a more established brand thus elevating your company to outsiders. A proper tag makes people grasp a better understanding of your brand and can create a sense of trust. 

Today I am sharing with you how I tag my crochet items for a consignment location. Prior to creating tags ask yourself the following questions: Does it encompass my brand? Is the product being hindered in any way? How will the items be displayed? Are there any practical issues I need to address? For my items the owner of the shop requires items to be protected in either a plastic sandwich bag, ziplock, or cellophane bag. The display is on a pegboard so it needs to be able to hang on a hook as well. Possible hindrances include not covering up the product and making sure that it is easy to understand what the item is. To see the complete process watch the video below!

Tools/ Products Used: 

Share with me your tagging ideas down below.

 XOXO Faith

Bob’s Rain Coat | Procreate Time-lapse

In this blistery drizzly season, I thought it would be fun to show the process of creating the latest Bob sticker. For those that do not know already, Bob is my support hippo and the logo for my small business Custom Little Beasties. The plan is to add these stickers to orders for purchase as well as include random ones with purchases. Currently Bob has three outfits: a King, anAstronaut and the Duckie Rain Coat. He really brings me joy so I hope that this little doodle brings a smile to your face as well. In the video below is the speed up process I used in Procreate to create his rainy day look. If you enjoyed this time-lapse drawing, please let me know. Also, what other outfits should I create for Bob ?

Etsy Shop Revamp | Behind the Scenes

Although I have not officially classified launches for Custom Little Beasties when the shop first opened this is the first revamp of the shop which sort of classifies it as the second launch. The shop has come along way and I have learned a lot along the way. How to make things more efficient as well as experimenting with new ideas. 

How to: Create a Larger than Hoop Embroidery Project

How to: Create a Larger than Hoop Embroidery Project

When I first started exploring machine embroidery it wasn’t until my first couple projects that I realized that the hoop size really mattered. With a 4X4 hoop machine it can seem like a creative jail so today I am going to show you how to escape. In the video below I will be demonstrating the tips I am discussing here which is the method I used for today. For those that are not aware I currently have the Brother PE550d embroidery machine which is a 4 X 4 hoop machine.