DIY Clothing Labels/ Tags | Small Business

After making a couple of items myself sewing and crochet it left me thinking about tagging the things I make. Many tags can be annoying, itchy or add to the overall item. The purpose however is to never forget where the item was purchased. Without tags people inevitably forget where they purchased the item and it can even make an item appear “cheap”. A tag is like a finishing touch which is why after researching them I decided it was time to experiment and create my own.

While you could order custom made tags from another small business or a large one I wanted to try it on my own first. They can be pricey and the idea of not having complete control over the process made me feel a bit iffy about purchasing some. Not to mention I do not believe I have gained “enough” sales to deem it appropriate to order a bunch of tags either. Since I do both sewing and crochet I wanted tags that could work for both while adding to the items rather than hindering them with a giant tag. There are many different ways to put your shop logo on items such as ribbon, fabric, leather, faux leather and more. Either way I knew I wanted something that was washable, simple and aesthetically pleasing. 

Since receiving the mini stamp I starting thinking that it was around the perfect size for logo labels. However, it is not as simple as stamping the item itself, it would have to be on another medium. Also, upon brainstorming I started to question if this would simply be a mock up as stamp ink, I assumed, would wash out. After realizing I did not like the look of white ribbon labels I decided to work with what I had that was close to faux leather, faux suede by Cricut. The Cricut part is important since the material is only slightly thicker than paper. Plus if it worked it would mean that I could use the Cricut machine to cut out multiple tags for me because the holes are a bit of a pain to cut/stab out by hand. I am happy to report that diy was successful and I will be making many more in the future! The mini stamp accident has turned out to be one of my favorite small shop items. The only disclaimer I want to give is that the ink I used was the one from No Issue that came with the stamp. I am not sure if that is why the ink stayed on or if other stamp inks would also have a similar result. Watch the tutorial below to see how I created my first label and the tests I put it through. 

XOXO Faith