Brookstone Ring Light | Unboxing & Review

Happy new year! To kick off this year I have decided to do a two part review on two different products that I am testing out for filming equipment. This week’s is for the ever famous ring light. Ring lights can be very expensive which is what has set me back from adding one to my gear. However, if you switch over to looking at ring lights specifically made for phones they are a bit cheaper. The features I was looking for were a bluetooth remote, brightness settings (the ability to dim), a flexible height range and under fifty dollars. After a bit of searching I found the Brookstone 10” Bluetooth shutter Ring Light. It retails for $59.99 but was on sale for $29.97 when I purchased it. Prior to the light arriving at my doorstep my sister purchased one from Home Goods for around ten dollars so of course I was intrigued to see what the major differences would be.

Unboxing & Side by Side Comparison

Prior to playing around with the Brookstone ring light I was a bit puzzled as it lacked the ability to record from the remote control. Honestly, that is the only issue I had with the light. Compared to my sister’s ring light which had many issues for what I wanted to use it for, table shots straight down. My sister is thrilled with it as she is simply using it to light up shots that are straight on. If you are thinking about purchasing a ring light you first need to ask yourself what kind of photos or videos you are wishing to make with them. Both lights were rather bright , if anything my sister’s was brighter than the Brookstone light I purchased but shockingly my satisfaction required multiple facets. For instance, a 360 degree range to have the phone shoot straight down while still keeping the tripod stand out of the shot which many lack to be honest. Overall I am thrilled with this purchase. It was worth the price and I would recommend it, however, if you are seeking to simply take photos or capture videos in a straight on fashion skip it and purchase a cheaper one. If you have any questions regarding this product please let me know in the comments. Also a little disclaimer this is not a sponsored post, I paid for this with my own money.

XOXO Faith

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