Home | The End of a Season

Although it has been a couple of weeks it still seems so surreal that we moved. People keep asking how I feel about all the changes, I’m happy but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it too. Funny isn’t it, how one moment can feel like forever and once it is over it’s as if it happened in a blink of an eye. No, it was not an easy decision or journey by far, there were a lot of challenges and things we never anticipated that arose as well. I hope to share some in depth, painful at the time, yet fun to look back on stories soon with my fiancé. If he is willing to do so, I think it will be fun to look back on for us and hopefully you guys can learn from some of our mistakes or laugh at our stories. For now though here is an in depth walk through of our first “home” together. I say “home” because it was pretty crazy and ridiculous all at the same time where we lived.

Yes, I did create a home tour video back is 2019 which was right when we moved in and I was a bit careful to share everything since that is where we were living. People are crazy, not everyone I know but you know what I mean. Here is the link to the first mini tour and live update if you want to see how the place progressed once we filled it with more junk. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the short walk through of our first place, and yes the sliding door was our only entrance inside. 

XOXO Faith

Blueland Update 2021 | New Products

Although I’ve already discussed this brand over a year ago, after receiving multiple comments I thought is was time to revisit an issue many people have been having. Blueland is an eco friendly company that creates sustainable cleaning products. If you missed my first post of it click here to check it out first. In addition I also created a second post regarding the main issue people had been having which is the bottles cracking and breaking entirely.

Subsequently, it happened again to a bottle they had previously replaced which is why I decided it was time to do an updated review to see if there has been any progression. At first I thought it was hopeless, I was ready to simply head to Target and purchase a standard bottle just to use up the remainder of the product I had left. Then I thought well I have nothing to lose, I might as well contact Blueland again and see if they have a resolution. I think it is important to include the conversation as many people have contacted me saying that they do know how to so, let’s go though that now.

Their customer service is phenomenal so be sure to reach out to help@blueland.com by sending them an email with your issue and be sure to attach photographs as well.


Back in October of 2019 I reached out about two of the bottles cracking in my starter kit, you guys graciously replaced both bottles. Since then I have yet to have any issues until today when I went to do my usual cleaning routine and somehow one of the new bottles broke again. This time it was not a crack but rather a clean seal break. Attached are images of the issue. The only thing I can think of is how the bottle was made and how the seal just broke between the two parts? Since this is the second time it is a bit puzzling as I still have more refills to use. Will the refills still work properly if I switch to a different type of bottle?

Thank you for your time, Breana

Hi Breana , 

Thanks for reaching out to us. We’ve received your inquiry and look forward to speaking with you. We strive to respond within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Given exceptionally high order and inquiry volume we may be a bit slower than normal to respond and we appreciate your patience. We will get back to you as soon as we are able. 

In the meantime, have you checked out our FAQs? Your question might already have an answer there. 

We look forward to speaking with you and will be in touch shortly. 


The Blueland Team

— —— the next morning —— 

Hi Breana,

Thanks for reaching back out to us to share your issue.

First, we are truly sorry you continue to face problems with your Blueland products. It’s definitely not what we envisioned as the ideal experience for our customers.

Second, we want to thank you for your patience as we work through these issues with you and bearing with us as we get everything figured out for you. We’re more than happy to offer you one of two options:

1. We’re happy to replace this product for you as well and follow the same process we did before (we’ll send a replacement Bathroom Starter Set which has a new, updated design to the shipping address on file and issue a return label for you to send back the damaged bottle in the same box your replacement is shipping to you). In addition, we’d like to offer you a free 3 pack of tablets (your choice!) for the hassle.

2. Alternatively, we can process a refund for you. All we ask is you send back the product in any box with a return label we’ll send you so we can take it back and better understand your specific issues and integrate it into our future products.

Let us know which you’d prefer and we’re happy to get either process started for you. Thank you again for your support of Blueland as well as your patience! 


The Blueland Team

—— —— 

Hi Allyson,

Thank you for reaching out so quickly. I would like to do the replacement option and send back the damaged bottle. For the additional offer I would like to receive the glass cleaner as the free 3 pack of tablets. Let me know if you need any additional information. 

Thanks Again,


—— —— 

Hi Breana,

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We’ve gone ahead and sent a replacement Bathroom Starter Set as well as a free 3-pack Glass + Mirror refill to the shipping address on file and you should receive another confirmation e-mail shortly. We’ve also issued a return label for you to send back the damaged bottle in the same box your replacement is shipping to you so we can responsibly recycle it.

Thank you for your patience and hope you can get cleaning sooner than later!

—— —— 

A week or so later I received the replacement which was an updated version of their bottles. To see the comparison watch the unboxing below. 

Have any additional questions, leave me a comment.

XOXO Faith

Decorate with me | Tiny House Edition

We are in the countdown to Christmas and it seems like time is flying this season. While things are definitely different at least this season tends to make things seem a little better as we settle into baking and decorating the house. The plan was to be out of the tree house before this Christmas but things change so… another tiny house Christmas! Here are some of my top tips for decorating a small space for the holidays. Watch how I decorated the tiny house this year down below (the first video). To see how I decorated it last year watch the video on the very bottom.

  1. Skip the bulky items. 
  2. Seek items that are thin or small to store away after the season.
  3. Change little things like pillow shams and photos.
  4. Lights, skip the traditional bulky ones go small.
  5. Bows, are close to my heart every other day but they so easy to pack away too.

Wishing you a safe and jolly holiday season!

xoxo Faith

Card Stash Basics

Who else has a love hate relationship with the rain? I love it when I’m inside but dread it when I am driving or walking in it. Today is one of those days; the wind is howling, sky is roaring and the rain is pouring. While I sip on some cocoa it is relaxing to gaze out the window and take in the trees knowing that in a few short weeks the mass holidays will take place. It’s a time of mourning which I try not to focus on but it is okay to be sad at the fact that this year will undoubtedly be very different. Knowing that loved ones should stay away is a difficult thing to swallow.

Whether you have a spare moment or a day off to gaze out the window, take time to create a stash of cards to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day. Prior to the pandemic it was rare to receive letters via mail but I feel as if it is going back as we abide by the rules of our national leaders. This is why I feel it is the perfect time to start creating birthday, get well, and thank you cards while you are sitting trying to think of something to do. It may be hard to think this but one day you’ll wish you had the time you do now. The following is a basic guideline of what kind of cards to make in bulk. Remember to use an array of styles and colors to fit various personalities. You are not creating preplanned for the year cards but rather spur of the moment ones that would otherwise gravitate you towards the store. 

The List

  • Birthday
  • Get Well
  • Thank You
  • Congratulations (optional)
  • Sympathy (optional)
  • Thinking of you (optional)

The Collection

Plan Your Own Happiness | Halloween Activities

Lost for words, where to begin and more importantly is there an end. As we are living through what will soon be written in the history books of future generations it can feel as if we are in a stand still. I refuse to believe that this time is a halt in progress. Yes, it can be lonely at times as we are away from loved ones to keep them safe. Yes, those who have taken advantage can blur the lines and darken an already stormy day. Frankly it is disgusting so why is the system built to their advantage? Why do we encourage thieves with repercussions being unwritten. You can only blame your upbringing for so much so I refuse to believe that our parents are the ones to blame for the story their descendants decide to write. What kind of story are you painting during this uncertain time? Will you focus on the way the stars sparkle and light up the darkness or will you allow it to consume you at the core. No matter how this year has started everyday is a day to change  how your story will be written so remember even if today’s page is dark and grey there is a new one to flip to in the morning. It is perfectly okay to be not okay, everyone paints a smile from time to time. Remember you do not need to be alone either, if you open your eyes and allow them, those who love you are waiting to lift you up. 

This past month I have been focusing a lot on happiness. I encourage you to ask yourself what makes you happy: is it dancing around the house in your sweat pants, painting a masterpiece, running, baking, skating, journalling? Create something, try something new, don’t focus on perfection but rather the fact that you are constantly learning and improving. Schedule time for things that make you happy in your planner and make your mental health a priority. Write it in pen, I used to be a pencil person so that it would not mess up my planner, but that has changed since my planner is for me. Plus it helps knowing in the back of my mind that I can slap a sticker onto any rescheduling that must take place. A good way to start is with this coming “holiday” unless you celebrate Day of the Dead, Halloween is really just a made up holiday, however, it is still celebrated by the mass majority.

Some people have decided to go against guidance and still trick or treat. In past years trick or treating has always been a conscious concern for the public as ugly people poison candy and do all sorts of crazy things. Honestly, I am not a fan of halloween, but I do dress up. I’m not a fan of the craziness it brings out in people or the scary aspect either. If you are in love with halloween here are some ideas on how to participate safely this year. Enter or host a zoom dress up contest, make it fun with some fun virtual backgrounds. Watch movies indoors with an intimate group. Have kiddos or simply want to spread a little festive spirit? Try creating a scare package for friends. It can include little activities or really anything you desire. Create a spooky painting, the options are really limitless if you tap into your creativity. I will be creating a simple costume idea starting this Saturday for those who want to dress up during the day for errands or at work. Create your own happiness by planning time for things you enjoy. For me that includes creating a fun planner spread for halloween week (shown below), dressing up at work (coming soon) and spending the evening watching a movie with a treat (tbd). You don’t have to risk your safety to have fun so try one of these ideas and share in the comments if you have more ideas to share. 

XOXO Faith

Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

Picking up a new hobby can be frustrating on not only you but your wallet too. I’ve always been the type to love finding deals in the craft lane as well as throughout daily life. As a fellow crafter, I thought it was time to share with you all some of my tips on saving big while crafting without falling prey to the cheap knock offs.

Dollar Tree can be a craft safe haven if you know what to look for and what to skip out on. For instance, a couple of weeks ago I was bubbly over finding some generic embroidery floss, however, it was extremely poor quality and kept breaking off. It was worth trying because now I know it is not a craft supply to skimp out on.

Christmas Budget

Costco Haul & Review-11

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year but they can also wear out your credit card. Don’t want to be greeted with a bill in the new year? Follow my guide to holiday shopping.

  1. Homework.

Yes, if you want to save money it will require some work and a little time. Don’t worry, I am not talking about making your gifts with things around the house. Create a list of every person you want to give a gift to. Figure out a specific dollar amount that is practical to spend overall, this will be the maximum amount of money you CAN afford to spend. Either divide up the budget evenly or create specific mini budgets for each person.

Unpaper Towels: DIY

It’s that time of year where blankets are near, the fire (heater) is roaring and everyone is crafting. If you are throwing a party and looking to be a bit more environmentally conscious try out unpaper towels this year. Yes, you can buy fancy linens or official unpaper towels from Etsy shop owners and alike cites, however, they can be pricey. For a fraction of the cost you can create your own before the online shops would be able to ship theirs to you, they are that easy to make.

Blueland Update|Worth it?

After publishing the Blueland review I decided to reach out to the company about my main concern regarding the products. If you missed that review click here.

The Conversation:

Breana Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 6:49 PM
To: help@blueland.com


I am a bit puzzled on what to do. I loved the products, however, the bottles have started cracking. In late August I received the starter kit as a birthday gift, less than two months later two out of the three bottles have cracked all the way through. I do not recall dropping them, my fiancee suggested that they cracked due to the bottles expanding in the heat (we have no ac). Then again if it was from the heat why didn’t all three crack.
I was going to repurchase the two bottles that broke but I do not want them to keep cracking as it defeats the purpose of them being reusable if I have to keep replacing them.
Thank you for your time,

Plan with Me: Mood Tracker

Not sure why it has taken me so long to produce planner content, I absolutely love them. The new trend has been the bullet journal which allows for optimal customization, however, you can also create that with other types of planners. My go to planner for the last couple of years has been the Happy Planner, I love being able to take out pages without ruining it. It also has the capability of customization just like the bullet journal since you can add pages to the binding. Some of the popular pages to customize in a bullet journal are the tracker pages due to the creative level that breaks away from the traditional check list.