Easy Curly Hair Hairstyles

As a member of the curly hair club I wanted to share with you five trendy hairstyles. These will all work no matter what your hair type is however, I am trying them all out on my natural curly hair. All of these styles were experimented on day two hair. Dirty hair is easier to work with than day one when it comes to styling at least. All of these looks are practical since each one keeps your hair out of your face while still being effortlessly on trend.

Follow the Tutorial Below to each Hairstyle

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What is your favorite way to style your own hair?

XOXO Faith


Curly Hair Transformation | Easy & Affordable

Time to confess, my hair had not been cut in over eight months, which means it was only two months’ overdue right? How often do you cut your hair? For the last couple of years whenever I go for a haircut my intention is for more than a little trim. This time I did something I have never done before, a three-inch haircut with a natural hairstyling. Any other time I would have my hairdresser blow dry and straighten or even curl my naturally curly hair. As I am trying to embrace more of my natural roots I wanted to see what magic my hairdresser could do. For some reason she always amazes me with how well and fast she styles my hair.

Every time I show her a photograph of what I wish to look like, this time it was Tori Kelly. Yes, I realize my hair is not the same exact curl type as her. Throughout experimenting with various curl products I thought it would be nearly impossible to find something to work for my unbelievably thick curly hair. Diva Curl was a brand I had tried in the past however, I shut them down as a brand altogether after the first couple I tried did not work for me. However, it was the Diva Curl ultra-defining gel that turned out to be MY product along with their new shine product.

In spite of finding something that works for my curly locks my curly hair journey is not over by far as there are brushes, shampoos and various products to experiment with. I never want to have a huge haul of products to create a naturally curly hair routine so hopefully I don’t end up adding too many more products.

Watch the video below to see what my hair looked like right before and after the appointment.

What kind of hair do you have?

XOXO Faith

Does Makeup Expire?

Simply put yes, it absolutely does. Similar to certain food products makeup has a sell by date rather than a strict expiration date. No, there are no rules or regulations that require beauty brands to place a physical deadline on their products. The reason why is simply the start date is determined whenever you first open it and place it on your face.

While they could place a small disclaimer saying the recommended expiration time frame, like some natural juice companies that say best if used in 7 days after opening, they don’t. There are other factors to consider which may be why: If you put on your mascara to make yourself feel more alive than you do on the inside, you probably shouldn’t put it back on your face again. The basic use by standards are placed below that scientists recommend due to the rate of bacteria growth on the products. In other words, your makeup could be making you sick.